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Data collection for Galaxy Zoo Mergers is closed.

Data Collection Closed

Thank you again to all of our volunteers. Galaxy Zoo Mergers is now in an archive status. To see the final data release visit the data page here.

Additional Ways to Contribute

For an overview of all of the wonderful contributions from our volunteers so far, please visit the updated Results page. We are completed our data collection and need your assistance with several more activities.


Pick the Best - We have identified the top simulations from the 54 SDSS galaxy pairs as evaluated by you in Merger Wars. Now, help us find the very best model for each merger.


Simulation Showdown - Help us find the galaxies with the best models by comparing simulations from two different galaxies at the same time.


Merger Wars - HST - The last batch of simulations that were run for non-SDSS images are now queued up and ready to compete.

Pick the Best

For each of the 54 SDSS galaxy pairs, our volunteers have identified which simulations appear to be the best match. Based on these Merger Wars ratings, we have identified the top 4 to 8 simulations for each pair. We would now like to know, which of these top images is the single best match to the target image. For each set of results, simply click on the simulation image that you think is best. The images are displayed in random order, so if you see the same galaxy pair more than once, your favourite image may not be in the same position. To begin, click on this link Pick the Best - Closed.

Simulation Showdown

When looking at the simulations for a specific pair of galaxies, we have both the Merger Wars and the Pick the Best activities to tell us how good of a match each simulation is. However, some pairs of galaxies have higher quality matches than others. A pair with simple tails may be relatively easy to match, while a pair with more complex shapes is more difficult. Studying either situation can be very informative to astronomers. To help us differentiate the two situations, we'd like your help.

We've set up a new activity that looks similar to Merger Wars. In this activity, you are presented two simulations, where each one models a different galaxy pair. Your task in this activity is to decide which simulation is a better match to its corresponding target image. To begin, click on this link Simulation Showdown.

Merger Wars - HST

In between studying pairs of galaxies from SDSS, we also asked for help with 8 other pairs. Most of these were based on Hubble Space Telescope (HST) images. Now we'd like to see what your opinion of these simulations are using the normal Merger Wars process. To begin, just click on Merger Wars.

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