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Data collection for Galaxy Zoo Mergers is closed.

Data Collection Closed

Thank you again to all of our volunteers. Galaxy Zoo Mergers is now in an archive status. To see the final data release visit the data page here.

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Online Discussion Forum

If you have a question about any aspect of Galaxy Zoo, the best place to find an answer is on our forum. There you can find lots of knowledgeable Zooites, and the Zookeepers try to keep an eye on the big discussion topics. Join them on the Official Galaxy Zoo Forum.

For questions specific to Mergers try posting to the board setup specifically for the Merger Zoo.

Galaxy Zoo Blog

Keep up to date with what the Galaxy Zoo team are doing and our latest results on the Official Galaxy Zoo Blog.


The Galaxy Zoo team is quite small and very busy, so unfortunately we cannot reply to most of the email we receive. However, if you still want to try your luck you can send email to the team at

If you have a professional enquiry, then the individual team members can be contacted via their institutions.

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