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Data collection for Galaxy Zoo Mergers is closed.


The Galaxy Zoo Mergers Team

Galaxy Zoo Mergers is brought to you by the following people, alongside the main Galaxy Zoo team.

John WallinComputational Scientist/Astronomer, George Mason University
Galaxy interaction guy and developer for Galaxy Zoo: Mergers. His old, smelly Fortran codes were the basis for the Merger applet. John is also using Zoo data in a misguided effort to help machines become better scientists.
Anthony HolincheckGraduate Computational Scientist/Astronomer, George Mason University
The developer for Galaxy Zoo: Mergers applet. In addition to his full time job and family, Anthony is working on his Ph.D. in Computational Sciences and Informatics with the Mergers project under the supervision of John Wallin.
Chris LintottAstronomer, University of Oxford
Between Galaxy Zoo, co-presenting the BBC's Sky at Night program and writing for and elsewhere, Chris usually wishes he had more time to sleep.
Steven BamfordAstronomer, University of Nottingham
Works on figuring out what makes galaxies look the way they do: how they formed and why they change as they get older and move to new cosmic locations. Somehow manages to still do some science between helping to run Galaxy Zoo and entertaining Archie, his one-year old son.
Kirk BorneComputational and Data Scientist/Astronomer, George Mason University
Galaxy interaction guy and member of the Galaxy Zoo:Mergers team. Kirk is working on ways ways to analyze large data sets in astronomy, including the Large Synoptic Survey, using both machine learning and Citizen Science.
Phillip NaudusComputational Scientist/Astronomer, George Mason University
Phillip is an undergraduate student at George Mason University in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. He is working with John Wallin and Phil Marshall on a new zoo project.
Arfon SmithSoftware Developer, University of Oxford
The technical guru of Galaxy Zoo 2, he produced our swish new site and organised all the background workings it depends upon.
Daniel DargAstronomer, University of Oxford
Working on measuring the number and properties of galaxy mergers identified in Galaxy Zoo.
Philip MurrayWeb Designer, Artist and Managing Director of Fingerprint Digital Media
Responsible for the visual design of the Galaxy Zoo web site. Designer of for Brian May, Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott. A keen musician and lapsed tennis and soccer player.

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