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Data collection for Galaxy Zoo Mergers is closed.

Data Collection Closed

Thank you again to all of our volunteers. Galaxy Zoo Mergers is now in an archive status. To see the final data release visit the data page here.

Summary of Results

Thank you again to all of our volunteers. We've had a great level of participation. Some general summary numbers as of February 1, 2012 are below.

Number of Volunteers: 27 251
Number of Hours Simulating Galaxies: 4 527 - That's over 180 days!
Number of Simulations Viewed: 3 030 041
Number of Simulations Selected: 60 105
Number of Merger Wars Competitions: 805 856

In addition to the simulations actually presented to our volunteers, the Merge Galaxies applet calculated many more simulations. The applet would reject simulations with orbits that were estimated to have low impulses. These low impulse orbits would likely not result in any tidal deformation, so they were never displayed. For each simulation actually shown, the applet may have rejected up to 100 additional ones. This screening means that our volunteers actually ran an estimated 100 million simultations!

To see the top simulations, as chosen by our volunteers in Merger Wars, click on a thumbnail and a new page will open.

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